​Our Mission

To produce Art with a purpose through a nurturing and collaborative creative process. To focus on the development of new artists and material including plays, concerts, musicals, films and events. We aim to achieve the success of a production by its commitment to the work and contribution to art.

About the Founder

Founder & Artistic Director, Luis Salgado has made a life out of following his dreams. Now with this new company Luis strives to open doors for performers, writers and musicians to create a space and share the joy of making art that inspires, educates, and entertains with quality through a true process.

Luis shares Paulo Coelho's idea that "If you choose to follow the path of your dreams, commit yourself to it. Accept your path."  Luis is an artist who has done exactly that, his passion for the arts has led him on a path of adventure to a successful career as a dancer, choreographer, actor, teacher and now producer and director.

Luis has been part of the producing team of the Tony award winning production of Peter and the Starcatcher and the 2011 revival  of Godspell. Luis shared his experience of Godspell, as the first community produced Broadway Musical, by taking this community building through the arts to Peru. He set the structure and process of creating an American musical while emphasizing investment in the growth and awareness of local talent and art in Peru. Salgado Productions strives to achieve what it did with Candela “Fuerza y Pasion” in Peru by continuing to nurture new work and new communities here in the states and internationally.

Luis has been responsible for productions such as Amigo Duende, Por Amor al Arte, and Verano Ensueños among other projects that he produced in his native Puerto Rico. Now, in the city of dreams, Luis takes it to another level by producing Music, Concerts, Theater and Musical Productions. His first inspirational CD album "Dare To Go Beyond" was made to promote the motto and philosophy that has made his non-profit organization R.Evolución Latina  successful. For his first theater production Luis selected Ser o No Cer...vantes, the work of Yolanda Garcia Serrano, to create an awareness of the work of the magical Hispanic writer Miguel De Cervantes.

Among some of the best work he has produced for R.Evolución Latina is  the R.Evolución Latina's Choreographers Festival 2011 that celebrated the transformational power of dance while creating a cultural exchange to inspire and empower our artistic and Latino communities. The organization hosted 19 dancers from the Dance Company D1 of Perú founded by Vania Masias, celebrating and empowering a true example of how you can make a difference in your community through art.

Other  projects includes Yemaya's Belly, a reading of the play by Quiara Alegria Hudes at Repertorio Español, Gracias Mujeres,  presented at the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe for the  Ultimate Latina Theater Festival and Broadway's R.Evolución Latina, a concert in collaboration with TeatroStageFest that was presented at Joe's Pub.

A Note from the Founder

Someone once said to me: "Don't love yourself in ART, love the Art within yourself".

For me Salgado Productions "art with a purpose" is a step towards loving art within myself more and more every day. This is the step towards an immense growth in the ARTS.  I am interested in a venue where we all share the opportunity to grow, giving purpose to the process and process to the purpose. Cervantes wrote:  "In our mad attempts, we renounce what we are for what we hope to become."

These words were present in R.Evolucion Latina's production of  Ser o No Cervantes, where I served as Executive Producer and for the first time was responsible for the actors, writers, media, theater, and tickets sales in NYC. I learned so much in this first crazy attempt that I did indeed renounce so much of what I am for all that I DREAM to be. While facing the challenges that are associated with producing I not only found myself providing opportunities for both new and established artists, but also realized the need for immersing myself further in this process of developing art with a purpose.

I love, value and respect ART with all that I am. And I believe a form of arts is providing the space, the time and the tools for people to develop their art and visions. This is why I am now taking the step to create a company that produces and provides these opportunities for us all. Come and learn more about Salgado Productions and you too will be making "Art with a purpose."

-Luis Salgado

The Team

Luis Salgado

Denisse Ambert

Heather Hogan

Joshua Henry

Jill Furman

Andrea Burns

Quiara Alegría Hudes

Joel Silver

Victor Rodriguez

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