Zuccotti Park
A Musical About the Human Side of Economics 
Bookwriter/Lyricist: Catherine Hurd
Composer: Vatrena King 

Directed & Choreographed by Luis Salgado

Music Direction: Joshua Coyne 

After eight years at war, William Cooper takes leave to visit childhood friend, Kate, in NYC. She is now beautiful, spirited, and passionate…. about the Occupy Movement.  As his feelings for Kate grow, Cooper also connects with her protester friends, learns their stories, and takes a good hard look at what it means to be an American.


Presented at the



Performing at:

The Robert Moss Theatre 

440 Lafayette Street, NY, New York



Thursday, February 26th at 9:00p

Saturday, February 28th at 2:00p

Saturday, February 28th at 9:30p

Sunday, March 1st at 7:00p




Corrado Alicata, Solomon Barnett, Ashley Brooke, Dylan C. Digel, Tim Fitzsimons, Sonya Higgins, Dan Iwrey, Becky Grace Kalman, Daniel Karp, Brian Kinnard, Cara Maltz, Matthew Martinez, Cait Murphy, Sarah Sirota, Evan Michael Smith, Jessica Smith, Baba Tavares, Megan Tischhauser, Alexander Tomas, & Levin Valayil



Lighting Designer: Herrick Goldman

Scenic Consultant: Kate Rance

Costume Consultant: Harry Nadal 

Asst. Director: Valeria Cossu

Production Asst.: Greg Uliasz





Salgado Productions

Musical Theatre Workshop NYC

Applications are now available online for the Salgado Productions 2014 Musical Theatre Intensive held in NYC.


In this 2-week intensive workshop, students will be immersed in the process of making Art With A Purpose. This program is for performers, from beginners to professionals looking for a deeper process in their musical theatre approach. Onstage experience is not required but is a plus.


Classes will be led by Luis Salgado  and a group of handpicked artists to provide participants with well-rounded training.


Luis is currently performing in ROCKY Broadway, past Broadway shows include Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and In The Heights.


Participants will take a variety of classes in the disciplines of acting, voice, and dancing. All classes use principles of Suzuki, Viewpoints, Meisner and more with a focus on ensemble work and character development. All classes are very physical and demand 100% dedication to individual growth as a performer and a commitment to support fellow classmates.

At the end of the 2 weeks, participants will have a better understanding of character interpretation through acting, singing, and dance. Students will use all tools to support their journey as an actor, while communicating the truth of the character they are playing.



-Participants will take classes in jazz, ballet, latin, hip hop, and more led by Luis and other Broadway and NYC performing artists.



-Focus on the technical work of Shakespeare

-We will play with a mixture of Suzuki and Viewpoint techniques

-Discovering the character’s journey and purpose


Voice Ensemble & Coaching

-Song interpretation, finding the wants and needs a character is expressing through their song.

-Breathing techniques

-Audition song work


Class size is approximately 40 students that will receive one on one coaching within the group classes. Classes will be held from 10a-3p for two weeks in August 2014.


You must fill out the Application below.





You Must Also Submit: Headshot, resume, and 2 letters of recommendation from teachers, directors, choreographers, etc. All materials should be emailed to workshops@salgadoproductions.com

All Materials must be submitted by May 23rd. 


Non-refundable Application Fee: $15 USD

Workshop Cost Per Student: $995 USD

August 4th - August 15th

217 West 147th Street, New York, NY 10039


Non-refundable Application Fee: $15 USD

Workshop Cost Per Student: $995 USD






Las solicitudes para el taller de Teatro Musical de Salgado Productions 2014 ya están disponibles online.


En este curso intensivo de dos semanas de duración, los alumnos se sumergirán en el proceso de hacer Arte con un Propósito. Dicho entrenamiento está dirigido a artistas escénicos, desde principiantes hasta experimentados. No es necesario tener experiencia en escena, pero preferible.


Las clases serán impartidas por Luis Salgado y un grupo selecto de artistas que darán a los alumnos un entrenamiento integral.

Luis está actualmente en el musical Rocky Broadway, últimos shows en Broadway incluyen Woman on The Verge of Nervous Breakdown y In The Heights.


Se tomará una gran variedad de clases principalmente actuación, canto y danza; las mismas están basadas en los principios de Meisner, Suzuki y Viewpoints enfocados en el trabajo grupal y creación de personaje. El taller es físicamente riguroso y requiere el 100% de dedicación tanto al crecimiento personal y artistico, como al compromiso y apoyo a los compañeros.


Al concluir las dos semanas, los alumnos tendrán una mejor comprensión de canto, danza e interpretación de personaje a través de una pieza de Teatro Musical, utilizando todas las herramientas actorales necesarias para comunicar la realidad del personaje que interpretan.


Danza: Los alumnos tomarán clases de Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Ritmos Latinos, entre otras, impartidos por Luis y otros artistas de Broadway en Nueva York.


Actuación: Trabajaremos tecnica de Shakespeare, jugaremos con una mezcla de Suzuki y "Viewpoints", y trabajaremos en encontrar el personaje y su propósito.


Ensamble y entrenamiento vocal: Interpretación de la canción, encontrar las necesidades y el porque que los personajes expresan a través de su canción, técnicas de respiración y ayuda en la selección de canciones para audición.


Los grupos son de aproximadamente 40 alumnos y en algunos casos (actuación y canto) recibirán clases individuales, dentro del espacio de clases grupales. Las clases tomarán lugar entre 10am y 3pm de lunes a viernes por dos semanas.




Usted debe también enviar: Headshot, Curriculum, 2 cartas de recomendación de profesores, directores, coreógrafos.Favor enviar los materiales adicionales al siguiente correo electrónico workshops@salgadoproductions.com


Cargo por solicitud no reembolsable: $15USD

Costo de talleres: $995USD

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