"Salgado Productions work as a  consultant  showed us a process that can be used and applied in any type of production and make our process more orderly and effective. It gave us many tools and formats that we have so far used to be fluent in the work. Salgado Productions consulting  has not only been used for "Candela Fuerza y Pasion" but in our company Pura Vibra as a whole. "

- Lucia Navarro

"Efficiency, creativity, love for art, these are some of the words that define Salgado Productions. Your commitment, dedication and wisdom, allowed turning an artistic dream into an real event that moved to the city of Cali Colombia, with the making of the 1st Musical Theatre Workshop Collaboration 'From Broadway to Cali'. To say thank you would be to small of a word  to express how fortunate we feel to be working with Salgado Productions, as now we are so proud and pleased because we can say we are partners  and because the work has been so great and complete."

- Diego and Sorany Directors of DTeatro Producciones

If I must use one word I would say "Energy".  A show that's contagious, creative and moving. As a professional I can recognize the quality of the team... and especially the direction of Luis Salgado who gets all that talent aligned in the same energy without losing precision. Luis takes us by the hand, and  with fluidity by the road that he wants us to follow."

- Carlos Carlin

"Never have I seen in the history of Peruvian shows such harmony between our different races, touching on what  politicians and the state fail to touch upon and can only be touched by art. I applauded you standing, with pride. Please do extend my congratulations to Luis Salgado director and producer for this show for its design and great development, but especially for it's human content of integration and purpose" 

- Roberto Angeles

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