Salgado Productions provides services to artists, writers, investors, producers and other companies who are seeking to make or support art with a purpose. We are committed to investing and capitalizing in the process of making art, more than simply aiming for the result. Our experience in this focus has brought great success in each and every one of our productions.


You can be a part of this in many different ways.


Find a way to think outside the box with your company, actors, and colleagues. Working with you and your company from the beginning, exploring your purpose and evaluating your final goals of a new project or recreating a current project to take a new direction. Salgado Productions brings a team to advise and walk beside you as you develop a process to bring your goals to fruition. Whether it is through music, dance, script writing, or entertainment. Salgado Productions gives you the tools to build a team that can trust, depend and be open with one another without judgement thus allowing things to progress and move forward.​




Pura Vibra Producciones -Lima Peru
Salgado Productions had it's most complete and thrilling consulting process with Pura Vibra Producciones. We advised from step one, starting with the production team, installing an effective communication method, and becoming an integral part of the development of this, now Peruvian sensation, Candela "Fuerza y Pasion".​

KUKARAMACARA - Cali Colombia
Hired to consult Kukramacara "La Casa de Los Artistas" through DTeatro Produciones in 2012. We started with a 3 day workshop analyzing the performance, business, concept and energy relationships to assemble all of the elements that make Kukaramara the great venue that it is today.​

Mandragora - Lima Peru​​
Salgado Production was hired through Pura Vibra Produciones to train company members of Mandragora in 2012 and 2013 as well as to help bring focus to the teachers and creative team who develop the magical art that Mandragora is developing in Lima Peru.​


DTeatro Producciones​
Salgado Productions had the honor of consulting and nurturing the process, focus and method used for the success of the First Musical Theatre Workshop Produced by DTeatro Producciones en Cali Colombia in 2012. This workshop has continues to grow and provided students with training in 2013 & 2015.

"Salgado Productions came at the time had to come, offering a consulting practice, while we produced. Luis brought  to Peru a new way of working, an organized processes and a clear designed. With Salgado Productions and it's serving as a consultant / co-producer for "Candela Fuerza y Pasion " we were much more clearer in our processes, our timing, our functions, our way and experience as to the HOW of creating a leading production."

- Veronica Navarro


Salgado Productions invests the time and tools needed to successfully develop a piece of art that makes a contribution to the progression of art and communities.
To understand and develop a method to produce Art with a purpose Luis has taken the time to work with other companies, and individuals on their art. Traveling to research and identify the individual needs of communities, Salgado Productions then tailors the creation and developmental process to fill the gap of the environment, culture and society that that art is effecting. 

SP has worked on projects such as Candela, Pinero, Pushing Daisy, Children of Salt, Valencia, Amigo Duende, Othello and more.

“Salgado Productions has given me the latitude and potential to create meaningful art in an environment of support and patience, as well as the opportunity to evolve as a writer. Art is a process, and working with a production company that fosters, not only art, but those who create it, is a company that will excel beyond all expectations.”  ​

- Lauren Epsenhart (Playwright)


Salgado productions believes in artists and fellow producers who are committed to Making Art with a Purpose. Aware of the importance of the unheard voices of the minorities that may not have the tools or knowledge to bring their work to fruition. Producing work that is meaningful to the people and communities that need their stories told. Over the years Luis has been very selective about what work to produce and the effect that it will have on a community, given the circumstances of time and social/cultural needs.


​Distant Thunder

Salgado Productions joined as an Investing Producer for this new exciting musical.

Amigo Duende, a musical

Luis Salgado was moved by this play as a child in Puerto Rico and knew that as a successful man in the Arts he had to give back to his childhood with this piece that he translated, adapted, directed and choreographed. Knowing the best way to give back to his latino and artistic communities and the children in NYC was to partner with R.Evolución Latina to produce the world premier of Amigo Duende, a musical.

Candela Fuerza Y Pasion 

As the relationship of consulting and developing grew Salgado Productions witnessed the daring Peruvian company Pura Vibra Producciones strengthen and took the next step in their relationship to become a producer on Candela "Fuerza y Pasion".

We have produced theatre, concerts, events and classes in the past 2 years, that's focused in impact, growth, and purpose and that has created wit that solid and concrete, and successful results.

"They are modern heroes, because what they are doing is allowing great theater to be accessible. It's an outstanding job."

- Flavia Lugo De Marichal


We provide a safe, empowering home of new work for upcoming writers.

We are looking for inspiring, exciting and committed composers & writers who are hungry to explore growth in their work. We want to facilitate a playground of discovery using the idea of purpose and process.

Send us your proposal for 2014


Salgado Productions
Attn: Luis Salgado
130 Bradhurst Ave. Ste. 511

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"Salgado Productions is a group that gives an open arms welcome to the development of the work of the independent artist, while taking a proactive approach to finding new work and fresh ideas." 

- Carlos Serrano (playwright)

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